At Web Service Development we manage and maintain the technologies that we provide to our clients. Here's a list of technology solutions that we have developed and continue to support.

    Action Shift Technology Page

    Action Shift is a scheduling service for businesses with part time and full time workers. You can easily managed staff with an intuitive interface. And employees can set which times they would like to work, and when they need time off. There's also a clock-in system that can record hours to manage payrole.

    Open Street Map Technology Page

    Open Street Map is a community based mapping project. We created documentation for building the application stack on CentOS 7, for self hosting inside an organization.

    Mobile Database Technology Page

    Mobile Database is a novel hybrid cloud solution for creating offline applications that can deployeed in an organization and used in areas where network access cannot be garanteed. The application is managed in the cloud and stored on the device and the data is transfered locally over the network, so that data is never exposed to the internet.

    Dual Secure Socket Session Technology Page

    Internet security is always the first thing on our minds and we are constantly looking into solutions for keeping your connection and your information as secure as possible. The Dual Secure Socket Session is a concept for mitigating session hyjacking by keeping two active connections server over the duration of the session.

    WebSocket Server Push Technology Page

    WebSocket Server Push is a method for web applications to be able to reacts to events pushed from the server. The WebSocket protocol offers a lot of advantages over traditional long polling techniques.