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IT Academia

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Course Summary

WSD's IT training course is intended for students (middle school, high school, or university) or for eomployee training. If you're outside of one of these categories, you're welcome to apply as well, but this is generally what we're expecting.

Our IT training course takes place over the course of one month, and takes place remotely over internet chat, zoom, meaning you can take the course from your currently locaiton. Meeting times are two times a day, from 9:00 AM to 9:30 AM in the morning and from 13:00 PM to 13:30 PM(JST) in the afternoon. We provide context for lectures followed by course work which required to be completed on your own.

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What We Teach

The course focuses on Linux and Web Technologies. We focus on the basics of computer science fundamentals, so that we create programmers and not code monkies. We start by making sure students have a solid base in typing, and then we continue on to basics in the C language to make sure students make two brain cells they can rub together, and from there, we focus on different topics depending on the request of either the students themselves or client request.

For coursework we prepare a Virtual Private Server in the cloud for student to connect to over SSH to be able to work in a real-life programming environment using the command as opposed to a dumbed-down version for idiots. We have students code everything using vi/vim and compile and run via the command line.

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The full cirriculum is posted below. Note that the first three courses are generally required in order for students to understand the fundaments. The rest of the content is depending on requests and time for what we teach.

第0章 オリエンテーション
0-1. パソコンの組み立て方
0-2. パソコンの各部の名称と呼び名
0-3. タイピング・オブ・ザ・デッド
0-4. LANとインターネット
0-5. 自家で環境を揃う
第1章vi/vim エディター教科書
1-1. エディターとは
1-2. カソール移動
1-3. 検索、挿入と削除
1-4. 置き換え
1-5. バッファーを使う(ヤンクとプット)
第2章 C Programming 基礎 教科書
2-1. Cとは
2-2. Cプログラムの書き方
2-3. コンパイルとは
2-4. 関数の定義
2-5. 予約語
2-6. ASCIIコード
2-7. エスケープ・シーケンス
2-8. 識別子
第3章 C Programming 実装
3-1. Arrays
3-2. Pointers
3-3. Structs
3-4. Command Line Input
3-5. File IO
3-6. stdio
3-7. Typedef
第4章 C Programming 概念 教科書
4-1. malloc
4-2. Reading structs
4-3. Sorting Arrays
4-4. Working with Pointers
4-5. Pointers to Pointers
第5章 Boolean Logic 教科書
5-1. Boolean algebra
5-2. Truth Tables
5-3. Boolean Expressions
5-4. Two-Input Boolean Functions
5-5. Gate Logic
5-6. Hardware Description Language (HDL)
5-7. Hardware Simulation
第6章 Boolean Arithmetic 教科書
6-1. Binary Numbers
6-2. Binary Addition
6-3. Signed Binary Numbers
6-4. The Arithmetic Logic Unit(ALU)
第7章 Unix Commands 教科書
7-1. grep
7-2. sed
7-3. make
7-4. awk
7-5. man pages
7-6. file system
7-7. shell
第8章 3D Mathematics
8-1. Using Tao instead of Pi
8-2. Trigonometry Fundamentals
8-3. Matrix Transformations
第9章 OpenGL Programming 教科書
9-1. GTK Brickout
9-2. GTK Invaders
9-3. GTK Astroids
9-4. EGL 3d Context
9-5. DMF File Format
第10章 IoT工作
10-1. ライトの点滅
10-2. 圧力センサー
10-3. 加速センサー
10-4. Python Coding
10-5. Render Live Graph

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You can use the form on the right to apply. And provide us with any other extra information what kind of focus your business needs, what your timeline is and what your bidget is so that we can customize our course to your needs.

Also remember to include your contact email so that we can get back to you. We look forward to working with you and your staff.

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