Description: Wsd Data Converter is a web based application for converting from one data format to another. It is often the case in business where orders will need to be downloaded as a PDF or CSV from one or multiple applications, and then be converted to a single CSV format for in-house order management. Often this conversion is done by staff, which can lead to problems when human error occurs.

The video above shows how the process works. Clients will send their orders in an email as an attachment. Rather than having the staff convert the order to CSV manually, the order can be auto-converted to CSV format with out Data Converter web-based service. The converted CSV can then be used with the order management system of the company. A more detailed video that shows how the application can be used can be found on Youtube here:

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Right now we'll throw in some of the merits of using the service.

  • Move "Know How" from staff to your organization
  • Create a fixed manual for your business workflow
  • Cut down on incorrect orders that require extra work to fix

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Maybe we can throw in an actual use-case for this product? We can bring up H-Paper. We worked with them to draw out their business. We found that there were a lot of cases where management thought they new what was going on, but a lot of problems were covered up by the staff.

Some of the realizations were things like, it was assumed that the company's product code was included in the order, but more often than not it was not. We also found instances were the same product was registered as multiple different id's in the clients' order system. This meant that a lot of time was used by the staff to confirm the orders. And a lot of time was spent by management to call customers and follow up inside the organization when ever a mistake was made.

After using Wsd Data Converter for several months, H-Paper was able to reduce the amount of time that they spent entering orders. But was also able to reduce the number of mistakes in their system. This has effectively expanded the "through-put" of their orders. As often the sales officers were limited in terms of the actual capacity their business could actually handle. Wsd Data Converter has helped them to focus on expanding their business as opposed to spending time trying to track down problems.

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Now that we're at the end, I guess we should provide some final context. Who are we marketing this application towards?
How much is pricing for one organization?
Do we provide the option to custimize?
Do we provide the option for a limited free trial?
How can someone get in touch with us to start using this?

Finally we should probably finish off with a contact form.
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