Web Service Development creates hybrid-cloud web applications for business. Here are the list of applications that we provide to our customers. You can ask for a trial and we can consult about making changes to help fit your business needs.

    Wsd Invoice Cloud Product Page

    Wsd Invoice Cloud is a service for suppliers and clients to share documents such as quotes, purchase orders and invoices so that all of the information is available to both parties at any given time. No more confusion about which orders have been completed or not. You can even bundle invoices together and manage payments.

    Jaxer : Javascript Application Server Product Page

    Jaxer Server

    Jaxer is a Javascript based application server originally developed by Aptana. The scope of the project was too large and the project was abandoned shortly after the release of Nodejs with the code available on Github under GPLv3. We currently build and support this technology to use for prototypes.

    Wsd Data Converter Youtube Video

    Wsd Data Converter takes data from your EDI and email such as PDF, XML, Excel and CSV files and automically converts them into a data format that can be read by your existing services. This makes it so that you and your staff can save time by not having to type in all of the information that passes through your business. Our service can also provide analytics and support to make your like easier.

    Wsd 消込システム Youtube Video

    The Wsd Payment Confirmation system is a hybrid cloud solution for managing payments. Companies in Japan don't invoice for each item at a time, instead opting to settle payments with other companies once every month. Wsd Payment systems provides and simple method of bundling, paying, and managing balances for which invoices have been paid and which ones haven't.

    Wsd 受発注システム

    The Wsd Order Management system is a business level site for business-to-business management of goods. It's styled after a electronic commerce site, but targetted toward trusted business transations. Goods are ordered and are devilered to a managed list of clients. The invoices are stored and totalled each month when a singles invoice is sent to the party. Once the invoice has been paid the host of the service can settle the balance.