Action Shift

Action Shiftは、飲食店での勤怠管理業務の効率を上げることを目的として、 デザインしました。私たちは、正確でルーティンワークによって、 生産性を改善できると考えています。

Time Card


ActionSHIFT・タイムカードは、稼働時間の把握を 「ゲーム感覚のオペレーション」化させ、 記録ミスを少なくさせます。これにより、わくわくする 集中力を維持させることで、従業員のやる気を向上させます。

Informative time card system

Wsd Action Shift includes a simple and easy to use time code system. The panel includes a list of all of the employees who are intended to show up that day. That day when employees sign into work they know who they'll be working with, and who they'll be handing their shift off to.

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Assign Shifts


Wsd Action Shift・シフト割は、勤務割り当て業務を 「固定シフトによる半自動割り当て」化により、 割当て作業の時間を短縮させます。 これにより、店長の本業に専念できる時間を増やし、 店舗の業務効率を改善します。

Simplified Shift Management

Managers should be out interacting with customers and providing services and not huddled up in the back room spending time on trying to work out shifts. Wsd Action Shift works on the premise to provide structure and incentives for part time workers to take on fixed shifts. That way most of the work can be auto-assigned and all you have to do is fill in in-between with our touch based interface.

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Wsd Action Shift Merits メリット


Wsd Action Shift makes life easier for managing payroll as we provide a simple interface for displaying all of the times of each part time user. You can easily track who has how many hours and if they've taken required breaks on their shift ot not.

Stay in Front

For managers we've strived to make a system that takes away the busy work of managing a business. We want you to be out providing services and keeping track of employees as opposed to being stuck in the back room.


For part time users we want to make a system that works with them. We want to allow them the ability to track their hours, check payroll and check records of previous months, without having to call the business and take time away from the customers to have to deal with more paper work.

Keep Track

The timecard system allows everyone to keep track of who's where. If someone is late, or on break you have a quick one-stop screen for employees and owners to know that everyone is on the same page when it comes time to show up for their shift.